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NCDCTA News and Notes...
To our Competitors:
Dear Competitors,
NCDCTA would love to recognize your achievement at all the shows in our area, but the rules state that only shows recognized by NCDCTA can count toward HOY. It is easy to host a recognized show, but only show management can make the request. You can help put that ball in motion by asking the show management of unrecognized shows to please contact NCDCTA and Get Recognized.
--- Carol Kelly, NCDCTA President
President's Letter
I had an older brother who loved cars. He bought an old 19-something Chrysler, parked it in the driveway (actually, it may have died there in the driveway) and spent hours working on it, rebuilding parts, tuning it up, reving the engine. He taught me how to drive a stick shift, double clutch, power shift, peel out in a cloud of smoke. I think he was proud his little sister was a gear head. I am probably one of only a few grandmas who not only knows what “turn in, track out” means but drives that way, too.

Atuned to all things motoric, nonetheless, it wasn’t until last spring when we bought our first Audi that I started noticing exactly how many (a lot!) of them there are on the roads. Until I drove one myself they had been under my radar and out of my vision.

What does this have to do with you? Flying under your radar may be the NCDCTA 70% Club, announced recently via some E-blasts sent to your inbox as well as announcements on the website. I predict, however, that the 70% Club will start catching your attention!

What is the NCDCTA 70% Club? As a member of NCDCTA, if you earn two scores of 70% or higher at any one of our recognized shows, you will automatically become a member of this 70% Club and receive in the mail a really nice, eye catching lapel pin identifying you as a member of this prestigious group. You will also become eligible for special 70% Club yearend awards. (Find all the details here: )

Congratulations to Camilla Van Liew, the very first member of the NCDCTA 70% Club! Van Liew (obviously an overachiever) actually earned three scores of 70% or higher at the Low Country Dressage Show and will soon receive her lapel pin in the mail. I predict these lapel pins, and thus the 70% Club, will soon be on everyone’s radar!!

I would also like to bring another subject up on your radar, i.e. how HOY standings are calculated. The Board has been discussing for months the idea of replacing our current cumulative score system with a rolling high score median system. For way more than a year, we have been asked by many members to consider switching to a median score system which would align us more closely with the way not only USDF calculates end of year awards, but also the majority of other GMOs. Recently there was an interesting exchange on the NCDCTA Facebook page on the strengths and weaknesses of each system.

In the course of my own research into other award programs, it came to my attention,(i.e., rose above my radar), that NCDCTA is the only GMO I could find that keeps a database of scores earned from both schooling shows and recognized shows. Virtually everyone else in all of USDF, if they want to vie for a yearend award, have to submit their own scores, as well as copies of the corroborating test sheets, in order to qualify. NCDCTA members only have to register their horse(s) in HOY in order to compete for yearend awards. No bookkeeping responsibilities; no deadlines; no missing score sheets.

Steve Nelles and Martie Healy get all the credit for providing this very unique NCDCTA member benefit. Nelles is not only our Membership Secretary, but also keeps track of all the incoming scores from qualifying NCDCTA recognized USDF and schooling shows for HOY. Healy, as webmistress, is responsible for creating and maintaining our databases both online and local; members can log on to our website and see the current state of things in HOY, as well as use PayPal, check the membership directory, etc. Membership in the 70% Club and HOY honors are bestowed automatically on those members who have earned them by way of our comprehensive databases, created and maintained by Healy and Nelles.

So, keep HOY points above your radar. Stay tuned for more information about the changes proposed to our HOY program. The Board will be sending eblasts to your inboxes, as well as posting information on the website; I expect there will more debate on Facebook as well. The communication will lead up to a membership vote on how to proceed with HOY. Ultimately you, the members, will determine how the Horse Of The Year will be selected.

Important!! Soon you will be getting notices from USDF and Eblasts from NCDCTA about the election of PM Delegates for Region 1. It is VERY important that when you get these notices you take the time to log on to the USDF website and vote for the nominees representing NCDCTA and our interests in North Carolina. Among the vital issues decided by these Region 1 Delegates are the locations for the USDF Region1 GAIG championships and cBLM championships. In 2015 NCDCTA will NOT be hosting a championship show in Williamston because we did not have the votes at the Region 1 meeting to secure one. Keep this issue above your radar also!
Proposed Change in HOY Rules
Per the NCDCTA mission, we are: dedicated to education, the recognition of achievement, and the promotion of the sports of dressage and combined training. As a result, I think that periodically the Board of the NCDCTA is charged to check in with the membership to ensure that we are meeting those goals.

Past NCDCTA Boards designed a HOY award system based on points earned according to the class placing in shows - this did not reward members achieving a good score in a class who did not receive a ribbon. Recently the HOY award system was tweaked to still use a point system, but use the score itself as the basis for points to try to reward all good scores and also to remove any class splitting biases. The main reason for these systems was to not only recognize member achievement, but also encourage participation in more shows.

To that end, the Board decided to let the membership decide how you would like your achievements to be recognized. Broadly, the two options are a point system (what we have currently) or some type of median score system. The Board understands that there are positive and negative aspects to each type of system depending on an individual member's specific circumstances. For each system the Board has tried to maintain a balance to both encourage members to compete as well as recognize the outstanding work and achievement of all of our members.

Please CLICK HERE to read the proposed new rules, view what last year's results would look like under this proposal and read comments - and submit a comment.

Please read and review the different systems, discuss them amongst yourselves, and bring us your comments and/or questions. You can contact me directly at or post on our comment section this website. I will be bringing your comments and concerns to the Board at the May meeting, and we will make changes to the proposal as we feel are warranted. I will then be getting out a ballot via email blast and the newsletter (hopefully) by mid-May, and will continue to gather votes and comments for 30 days. Once all the numbers are in we will implement either the current or new system for the 2015 competition season. Note that this proposal affects the Dressage awards only and does not impact how Eventing awards are calculated.

On behalf of the NCDCTA Horse of the Year program, I want to thank you all for your continued support of this program through your membership, attendance at the shows, and sponsorship of the annual awards gala. The Board is here for you, so let your voice be heard!

Robyn Hahn
NCDCTA Vice President
2014 Timex Eventing Series
*Now offering Training Level*
Spring Timex Events

Feburary 22 Running Start Horse Trials
March 15 Hillcrest Horse Trials
May 11 CBES Series Horse Trials
June 15 Lumber River Horse Trials

Fall Timex Events

August 23 Hillcrest Horse Trials September 27 Running Start Horse Trials
October 12 CBES Series Horse Trials
November 1 TTC Horse Trials
November 9 CBES Series Horse Trials
2014 Timex Series Current Results
Thank You Martin County!

Big Thanks to Martin County Tourism Development Authority for a $1,000 sponsorship towards Dressage for Everyone in Eastern NC!

Trainers, Officials, Businesses!
The NCDCTA membership grace period ends March 1!
It is time for you to review and update your listings!
You must renew your NCDCTA membership BEFORE March 1 to be able to edit your listing!
Do NOT create a new listing! Renew your membership - then EDIT your current listing!
Officials - review your listing - edits should be sent to:
Non-renewed officials will be deleted from the listing on the March first-of-the-month website update.
Don't delay - renew today!
NEW! - Check Individual HOY Rides!

Now you can check your HOY points Online
You can check each individual ride.

No waiting until the last minute to correct errors!

You must log-in with your Last Name and NCDCTA # to view your current individual rides.
Questions/Corrections should be emailed to the Membership Secretary - ASAP.

Click HERE to view your Individual HOY Rides

Linda Zang Symposium!

Save the Date!
NCDCTA Symposium with Linda Zang

Saturday November 15th and Sunday November 16th 2014
Pepperwood Farm in Fuquay Varina

Click for all the details
Congratulations to the 2013 NCDCTA HOY Winners!

CLICK HERE for the Final Six for 2013!
2014 AQHA Approved Dressage Shows
PLUS Enterprise Farm AQHA Series!
Enterprise Farm and ESS are pleased to announce the 2014 Enterprise Farm AQHA Dressage Series
Along with earning AQHA points, special high-score prizes will be awarded at the following shows:
-- NCDCTA Capital Dressage Classic
-- NCDCTA Labor of Love Dressage
-- NCDCTA Harvest Moon Dressage
Ride in 2 of the 3 Series Shows and you will be eligible for the Series-End Awards - with a mounted awards ceremony at the 2014 Regional Championships at Harvest Moon!
Email Blasts will be sent out with further information.

The full list of 2014 AQHA Approved Dressage Shows for NC:
3/29-30March Magic DressageWilliamston
4/12-13Spring Fling DressageAiken, SC
4/18-19Williamston Spring DressageWilliamston
4/26-27Budget Friendly DressageRaeford
5/10-11Dressage in the SandhillsPinehurst
5/17-18Lexington Spring DressageLexington, Va
5/31-6/1NCDCTA Capital Classic / Adult Team CompetitionRaleigh
6/14-15Virginia Summer DressageCulpeper, Va
6/14-15Dressage at CamdenCamden, SC
6/21-22NCDCTA Summer Highland FlingTryon
7/11-13Dressage at LexingtonLexington, VA
7/19-20Rise n Shine DressagePinehurst
7/26-27Raleigh Summer Dressage I and IIRaleigh
8/9-10Early Morning Blues DressagePinehurst
8/30-31NCDCTA Labor of Love / Youth Team CompetitionRaleigh
9/6-7Cool Down DressagePinehurst
9/20-21Pinehurst Fall DressagePinehurst
10/2-5NCDCTA Harvest Moon / GAIG Region 1 ChampionshipsWilliamston
10/16-19VADA Fall Dressage Show / BLM ChampionshipsLexington, VA
It's Time to RENEW!
It's time to renew your NCDCTA membership for 2014.
ONLINE Membership Renewal
PAPER Membership Renewal
PAPER Horse Registration
DRAWING FOR FREE SADDLE - again for 2014!
A semi-custom Black Country dressage or jumping saddle ($3k value) will be given away to the lucky winner. All first - third place NCDCTA Horse of the Year winners in Eventing (Novice and up) and Dressage (Second level and up) will be automatically entered for the drawing, to be held at the annual gala and awards banquet in 2015. Register your horse NOW! Saddle is graciously donated by Brita Rizzi, certified, independent saddle fitter in Southern Pines,
Feed Southern States--Raise Money for NCDCTA

If you use Southern States horse feed then you can help raise money for NCDCTA.
Proofs of Purchases are found on the back-bottom of all Triple Crown, Reliance, and Legends horse feeds.
NCDCTA will receive:
  • 25 cents for Triple Crown and Legends Horse Feeds
  • 10 cents for Reliance Horse Feed
  • $10 per ton on deliveries of Legends abd Triple Crown pelleted feed
  • $4 per ton on bulk bin deiveries of Southern States pellets
Send your proof of purchases to:
Bridget Gibbons MacNair
2301 Richardson Rd
Apex, NC 27502

2014 NCDCTA Capital Dressage Classic
2013 NCDCTA Dressage Championships
2013 BLMs